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CP Conferences

Child Protection Conferences are a key tool in Havering to keep children as safe as possible and to bring the multi-agency group together to plan how to build on the family’s parenting strengths. They take place 3-6 monthly after an outline child protection plan has been made. They are chaired by an Independent Chair, the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO). Parents, children aged over 12 years and professionals working with the family are invited. Parents can invite family members, a solicitor and/ or an advocate to support them.

Children’s Services sometimes receive information that makes them suspect a child may not be safe or well cared for. This information is called a referral.  If after receiving a referral, children’s services suspect a child is suffering significant harm, they must investigate this. This is called making child protection enquiries. If agencies at a multi-agency strategy meeting  think the child or unborn baby is at risk of significant harm, they make a decision to hold a Child Protection Initial Conference within 15 working days to see if risks are determined and a child protection plan is needed (Section 47 Children Act 1989). In Havering, we are now back to face to face Conferences and we are soon to move to new Conference Rooms in the Havering Town Hall.

Professionals from partner agencies who need to submit a multi-agency report for a scheduled child protection conference should do so here

East Cheshire SCP has produced this helpful film for children and young people about Child Protection Conferences.

Please find our new leaflets for children and families here:

Young Person’s Guide to CPC

Parent/Carer’s Guide to CPC